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Call for ASPB scholars plenary:

Plant Biology 2024 represents the Centennial meeting hosted by the American Society of Plant Biologists. Over the last 100 years, plant biologists have provided critical insights into our understanding of key biological concepts, such as the fundamental nature of genes or cells. Plant scientists have also developed our understanding of hormone signaling pathways, photosynthesis, metabolism, genome structure, and many other topic areas in incredible molecular detail. Furthermore, plant biologists continue to push boundaries of experimental and agronomically relevant plant systems to provide real-world solutions towards alleviating critical problems, such as climate change, global food insecurity, and sustainability. Thus, the ASPB program committee seeks to highlight ground-breaking research performed by the next generation of plant scientists that builds upon the incredible insights gained over the last 100 years of plant biology.       

Call: The American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) Program Committee is soliciting applications for Early Career Scientists (Graduate students, Postdoctoral Scholars, and early Assistant Professors) to present their work in a Plenary Symposium session at the Plant Biology 2024 meeting in Honolulu, HI organized by the Program Committee. Plant Biology 2024 is the Centennial ASPB meeting, and the goal of this symposium is to highlight novel science and the future Plant Biology leaders doing the work.

We are specifically seeking early career scientists who have made substantial contributions to research areas that are unique to plant biology, such as photosynthesis, plant cell wall deposition, plant genomics, cell biology, structural biology, or other areas that highlight the future of plant biology.


Applicants should submit

  1. a CV,
  2. a seminar abstract (350 words),
  3. a short 2-3 minute video highlighting the impact of this scientific contribution in the historical context of the field. (If selected, this video may be used to promote the session)
  4. a recommendation letter supporting this scientific contribution and the leadership qualities of the applicant.

The application deadline has been extended! Applications are now due by January 22, 2024. Applications will be evaluated by the ASPB Program Committee for selection. The evaluation criteria include alignment of the research topic with the Plenary Symposium theme, impact of the research on the broader plant science community, and representation of early career scientists across multiple axes of diversity.

Questions: Email info@aspb.org